There are many reasons one chooses to move to a new country. Love, work, adventure, need to change, wish to try something different, somewhere different.


No matter what your reasons are, living abroad can be challenging.


Homesickness, isolation and loneliness, feelings of guilt and resentment, difficulties in adapting to changes  are some of the difficult feelings that can interfere with your daily life.

Whether you have just arrived or you have been living in your adoptive country for a number of years, there are times when you can experience discomfort and uneasiness.

Being able to tell your story and feeling heard and understood can be the first step to help you to move forward.



When a person realizes he has been deeply heard, his eyes moisten. I think in some real sense he is weeping for joy. It is as though he were saying, “Thank God, somebody heard me. Someone knows what it’s like to be me.”

Carl Rogers